Op. Dr. Kemal GÜNDOĞDU


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General Informations

First Name-Surname: Kemal GÜNDOĞDU
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Ankara

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Education Informations
Graduated From Faculty of Medicine / Graduated Year:

• 2002-2008 Ege University Faculty of Medicine
• 2011-2017 Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine
• Academic Title: Operator Doctor
• Foreign Language: English, German

Vocational Education and Experience
Missions After Graduation:

• 2009-2011 Kayseri 112 Emergency Health Services Practitioner
• 2017 Yozgat Sorgun State Hospital General SurgerY Specialist
• 2017-2020 Tekirdağ Çerkezköy State Hospital General Surgery Specialist
• 2021 Private Optimed International Çorlu Hospital General Surgery Specialist

0541 726 05 55