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General Informations

First Name-Surname: Nida CANNAZİK
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Merzifon/ Amasya / Turkey
E-Mail Address:

Education Informations

Graduated From Faculty of Medicine / Graduated Year:

•  2002-2008 Hacettepe University Medicine Faculty English (Semester Top Student)

  • 2001-2002 : Kayseri Sumer High School
  • 1999-2001 : Kayseri Science High School

Vocational Education and Experience

Missions After Graduation:
•  2009-2014 – Ankara Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital

  • 2014-2019 : Erzurum Nenehatun Maternity Hospital
  • 2019 – Private Optimed Hospital

Scientific Studies

  • Uygur D.,  Erol N., Erdinc SO., Salih F.,   Memur T.,   Erkaya S. Fever and AcuteConfusion   in   a   Postpartum   Patient   Following   Sublingual   Prostaglandin   E1Administration: A Case Report.  Gynecol. Obstet. Reprod. Med. 19: 119-121, 2013
  • Kirbas A., Biberoglu E., Daglar HK.,  Erol N., Fitoz S., Uygur D., Danisman N.Prenatal diagnosis of vein of Galen aneurysm: A case report. 2 (2): 31-33, 2015
  • Yoruk N., Yeral MI, Seckin KD.,  Yapca OE., Erol N., Yıldırım G., Bulut Erdem E.,Ovarian   Cyst   Rupture   Accompanying   Ectopic   Pregnancy.   J.   Turk.   Ger.   Gynecol.Assoc. 17: 223-224, 2016
  • Yoruk N., Yeral MI., Seckin KD.,  Yapca OE., Erol N., Yıldırım G., Bulut Erdem E.,Uterine Adhesions After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Or Spontaneous Abortion. 17: 48,2016
  • Timur   H.,   Kara   O.,   Daglar   HK.,  Erol   N.,   Uygur   D.   A   Case   Of   Cesarean-ScarPregnancy Treated with Suction Curettage Followed by Foley-Catheter Tamponade.Abstract, 13th World Congress in Fetal Medicine. 491, 2014
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Dr Sussie helped me with my measles, and I was fine within weeks. She’s really great and she’s my favourite doctor!

EMILY, 5 years

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JOHN, 6 years

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STEVE, 6.5 years

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