Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

• Diagnosis and Treatment of the Diseases of Waist and Neck
• Diagnosis and Treatment of the Diseases Related With the Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist-Ankle
• Rheumatismal Disease
• Joint Diseases
• Osteoporosis
• The Disabilities That Develop After Paralysis and Trauma

What is physical therapy?

Treatment of patients via exercises, electrical current, hot and cold application or various waves is called physical therapy.

Several devices are used for Physical Therapy. Some of these devices and methods are; Ultrasound for opening tense and deep adehesion in Pain therapy, muscle strengthening devices, magnetotherapy, osone treatment, mesotherapy.

You can get rid of some problems such as joint pain, calcification, and waist-neck-back pain by physical treatment and rehabilitation. The meaning of physical therapy is to repair, treating several diseases with devices that affect joint and soft tissues. Physical therapy is also applied in order to reverse the functions of some area and organs of the body that lost their function after an accident or trauma. Physical therapy is an externally applied method. The purpose is to relieve pain and preserve the range of motion of joints. Therefore it is aimed to make the daily life easier.

What is Rehabilitation?

Treatments that are applied to disabled people for adapting them to society are called rehabilitation. Rehabilitation team involves physical treatment specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist and social service expert.

Basic information about physical therapy:

Physical therapy is applied in sessions. 15-20 sessions are applied as 1-1.5 hour by session. Rehabilitation is a longer process, it may take years. If a patient who is on a physical therapy has joint restriction, some moves that are made by physiotherapist can cause minor pain in troubled area. Physical therapy is not only used for pain treatment, but also fixing the impaired muscle mechanism.

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