Observation of normal growth and detection of abnormalities is important for diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Regular measurements of height, weight and head circumference should be done in healthy child follow-up program.

When does the baby vaccination program begin? What are these vaccinations?

Vaccination program begins as soon as your baby is born, your baby will get the first shot for Hepatitis B before you are discharged from the hospital. Second shot is scheduled for 1 month later, third is 5 months after the second one. A baby on its second month will be vaccinated for BCG and combined, poliomyelitis; combined vaccine will be completed to third dose with 4-6 intervals. Your doctor will advise you to have a menengitis shot along with combined vaccine. When baby is over 6 months, vaccination frequency will get lower. On 9th month measles, 15th month measles-mumps-rubella, on 18th month combined, poliomyelitis and meningitis repeats will be done. If your doctor advises you, on 13th month chicken pox, on 25th month hepatitis A vaccinations can be applied.

What are the diseases that can be prevented by vaccination?

Tuberculosis, Measles, Hepatitis B, Poliomyelitis, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Diphteria, Pneumonia, Pertussis, Hemophilus influenza meningitis, Tetanosis, Hepatitis A

The Benefits of Breast Milk

Breast milk is an easily digested ideal food which provides all the needs of a baby for 6 months on its own with its superior contents. In babies which are fed with breast milk, slight or severe life threatening infections are less likely to be seen, allergy, sudden baby deaths are less common than others which are not fed breast milk. Immune system grows stronger, especially respiratory and digestive system infections are less. If a baby which consumes breast milk gets sick, it can recover from the infection easier.

A baby which breast feeds its mother will have a better mental growth, school success, the connection between mother and baby will be easier and stronger.

The incidence of some diseases such as lymphoma, leucemia, diabetes is less in adults who are fed breast milk in their infancy for a sufficient time.

Breast milk, of which benefits are beyond count, makes it easier for mother to get back to her shape as before pregnancy; breast feeding mother gets rid of the accumulated fat tissue which was stored for providing necessity energy. Also, it reduces the risk of breast, ovary and uterus cancer.

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