Orthopedics and Traumatology

Çerkezköy Optimed Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic is interested in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all kinds of disease and traumas of joint and bones, in other words skeletal system. In our hospital which is equipped with the latest technological equipment there is on Imaging methods and Operation Room conditions, conservative and surgical treatment methods are applied in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology in accordance with latest developments in the world. In cases which require a multidisciplinary approach, the best treatment is being planned and applied in coordination with all other related departments. In order to prevent or find a solution to any kinds of problems that may happen during operations, our clinic has a fully equipped intensive care unit along with an experienced team.

Orthopedics Polyclinic

Polyclinic service is open every day except Sundays. Provided that you make an appointment (0282 726 0 555) you can easily visit a doctor and get your tests and treatments.

These services are provided in our clinic:

• Orthopedic Traumas (Fractures, dislocations, sprains, injuries)
• Pediatric orthopedics (Congenital or acquired pediatric orthopedic diseases)
• Diseases of the hands, elbows and arms
• Diseases of the spine, waist
• Diseases of the feet, ankles
• Sports injuries/sports medicine
• Rheumatismal and senile diseases
• Nervous diseases of arm and legs
• Osteoporosis
• Arthroscopic surgery
• Hip and knee prosthesis applications

Orthopedic Traumas

They involve diagnosis and treatment of any injuries related with bone, joint and muscles (e.g. fractures, dislocations, tissue loss, soft tissue injuries, sprains, muscle tendon and ligament injuries). Also, treatments of delayed union, malunion, nonunion and infections are treated, which develop as a result of these traumas. Fractures can be fixed under the guidance of a television image with C armed scope and foreign substance such as needles can be taken out.

Pediatric Orthopedics

It involves diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired diseases, shape impairments and shortness about bone, joint and muscles. We can give acquired dislocation of hip, wry neck (torticollis), clubfoot, walking disorders such as in-toeing and out-toeing, arm and leg shortness. Also shortness, shape impairments and functional losses which develop due to nervous diseases such as Poliomyelitis, birth paralysis, cerebral palsi which are seen in children, are treated in coordination with other clinics.

Diseases of the Hands, Elbows and Arms

Congenital and acquired diseases are treated. Any congenital deformities (Fusions, obliquity or extra digits etc.) of the hand and arms, pain in elbows and shoulders, tendon and muscle diseases and injuries, tendon vessel and nerve cuts, tendon and nerve entrapments are treated.

Diseases of the Spine, Waist

Acquired or Congenital waist diseases such as scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolysyz, senile osteoporosis, depression fractures, shape deformities and calcifications, spinal stenosis, spinal infections, hernias, tumors and all the waist related pains are diagnosed and treated.

Diseases of the Feet, Ankles

Flat foot of children or adults, toe and foot deformities such as pes cavus and hallux valgus, pain of the heel and basis of the foot and leg deformities are diagnosed and treated.

Sports Medicine

Apart from evaluating the health condition of sportsmen, it involves diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of injuries that occur during physical activities. Injuries of the sportsman are special. Their treatment modalities are different because patients are expected to return to their physical strength as soon as possible. In order to increase the performance of the athletes and for rehabilitation of their injuries, we work in coordination with other medical branches, primarily with Physical Therapy Clinic.

Rheumatismal and Senile Diseases

It involves diagnosis and treatment of diseases that appear in arms and legs due to rheumatism and aging. Muscle and joint diseases are diagnosed and treated. Drug therapies, physiotherapies are applied along with surgical interventions such as repairs of the defects, adhesions, sinoviectomy, osteotomy, and arthroscopy and prosthesis surgery.


Osteoporosis is more commonly seen in women in menopause. If it is left untreated in early terms, it may cause fractures and deformities that require surgeries, long term admission to hospital and it may even result in death. Bone densitometry device is being used in our hospital for early diagnosis. Patients are diagnosed and treated in our polyclinic.

Arthroscopic Surgery

It is an operation in which a few small holes are used to enter in joints and some other cavities without using major cuts. It is done with special equipment under the guidance of a camera. These interventions are as successful as major operations. Besides, patients recover faster and their side effects are less. It is most commonly applied on knee joint. It is used for meniscus injuries, cartilage damages, cruciate ligament punctures and other joint diseases, which do not recover in conservative methods, are diagnosed and treated. Arthroscopic surgery is being used widely in our clinic.

Hip and Knee prostheses

Artificial joints called prostheses are made for knee and hips in order to treat pain and get better movements when they are excessively impaired due to aging, rheumatismal diseases and fractures. These operations are very important for the elder. They give patients a chance to move freely and get rid of the pain.

In Optimed Güven Hospital, we use Advanced Laboratory, Conventional X-ray, Computed Tomography, Open MRI, Bone Densitometry, C armed Scope for the diagnosis of orthopedic patients. Operations are being done in 3 operation rooms which are fully equipped according to international norms.

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