Brain and nerve surgery or Neurosurgery is a surgical expertise which provides advanced tests, diagnosis and treatments of central and peripheral nervous system diseases by mechanical interventions. Expert medical doctors of this field are called brain surgeon or neurosurgeon.

Diseases which are diagnosed and treated in our Neurosurgery Department are:

• Herniated disc (lumber disc disease) treatment by endoscopic surgery, open surgery,
• Cervical disc hernia.
• Brain hemorrhage, Brain Tumors
• Spondylolysis, Lumbar nerve block
• Spinal fractures caused by a trauma.
• Any kind of entrapments (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), trauma and cuts and surgical treatments of tumors of arm and leg nerves which are called peripheral nerves; Brain and Spinal traumas, trauma surgery.
• Treatments of diseases which develop during neural system formation such as congenital meningocele, myelomeningocele, liquid accumulation in brain cavities which is called hydrocephaly and congenital deformations of skull.
• Tumors of brain or spinal tissue or tumors which cause problems by putting external pressure on them.
• Diseases such as arteriovenous malformation, cavernoma

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