Gynecology And Obstetrics

The purpose of obstetrics and gynecology department of our medical center is to provide our women who form a basis to our community, with a healthy life in highest level. Our first goal with this aim is to prevent mothers and future mothers from diseases and provide counseling service about it. Any kind of gynecologic surgeries, child labor and interventions are done by our experienced obstetrician and gynecologists. Also, painless child labor (Epidural anesthesia) is done in our Medical Center in success.

• Delivery (Normal-Painless)
• Follow-Ups Before and After Delivery
• Complaints and Surgeries About Gynecology

Gynecologic Visit and Its Purposes

The Purpose: Gynecological Visits are not a routine yet in our country. That means many women still go to a gynecologist when only they have a problem. The purpose of these visits is especially to define the problems about uterus and ovaries and do follow-up checks about existing problems. As we all know uterus and ovaries are organs which are located in abdomen, and their problems may not give any symptoms sometimes. Additionally, it is easier to fix the problems of these organs which show changes every month, when found early.

When to begin and how often should it be done?

One visit per year is adequate for girls who had their first period. Married or sexually active women are advised to have a gynecological visit once every 6 month. If an existing problem requires more frequent follow-ups, doctor may increase the frequency of these visits.

Which organs are being checked in gynecological visit?

Inner and outer part of the vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries are being checked in gynecological visit. Also, breast (breasts are checked for mass formation and liquid leak) and thyroid gland examinations (for goiter and nodules) are done. It is important to get a vaginal smear test once a year. It is an easy and cheap test for cervix cancer especially for women who are sexually active. Gynecological ultrasonography is also important additional to every gynecological examination; because USG is the best method to check if uterus and ovaries are normal especially in overweight women.

Which tests are done in these visits?

If there is no existing problem, vaginal smear test and ultrasonography can be done once a year, additional to examination. In women above 40 and who are in menopause, mammography is also done once a year. Especially in women who have a relative with breast cancer; it is strongly advised to have periodical mammography, starting from the age 30. Apart from these, other tests towards an existing problem will be advised by our expert doctors.

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