Ear Nose Throat

• Tonsil
• Diseases of the Ear
• Hearing Loss
• Dizziness and Vertigo
• Headaches
• Tinnitus (Ringing)
• Sinusitis
• Nasal Obstructions
• Surgeries of Ear Nose Throat

Ear-Nose-Throat Department works in cooperation and coordination with many branches due to wide range of its field. In order to plan the phases of diagnosis, surgery and post operative treatment of ear-nose-throat patients, it works in cooperation with Laboratory, Radiology/Interventional Radiology, and Pathology.

One of the most important phases in treatment of Ear-Nose-Throat patients is to return the patients to their routine in fastest possible way after the surgeries. It is made possible by working in coordination with Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Departments.

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