It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

Jay Davenport

‘Surgery went well with Op. Dr. İsa Kaman. Brilliant people looked after really well and highly recommended. New life with my new stomach.’

Rokoko Chandelier

‘Thank you very much for the great treatment. Rococo Golden Versailles Dresden in Turkey. It’s a new life. Sleeve stomach, nose, eyes. The best clinic in Turkey. Optimed Dr. Isa Kaman. A clinic to feel good.’


’10 months ago, I had Gastric Sleeve surgery with the best doctor, Onur Kesler. I saw my progress and I also encouraged my mother because this is a life-changing experience. My life is much better now. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life. The staff is very good here. I used to be 173 kg and in 10 months I lost 73 kg. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who is struggling with obesity problem.’ 

Lina Aklauskiene

‘ Hello, my name is Lina. I came to Optimed Hospital with my husband and we both had obesity operation. Our doctor was amazing and the staff here was so kind and helpful. We are happy to be here.’

Mindaugas Aklauskas

‘My name is Mindaugas, I am coming from England. I am so glad to be at this hospital because they work with number one staff. Every 5 minutes someone comes and asks if I am alright or if I need something. This place is the best with the best doctor and the best staff.’

Kristina Markovic

‘Hi! This is Kristina from Serbia. I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery here. Dr. Onur Kesler helped me with my operation. I am more than satisfied with the doctor and the service here. ’

Aleksandra Nenadovic

‘Hello, my name is Aleksandra. I come from  Serbia. I had obesity surgery at Optimed Hospital. Everyone here is very kind. I am very satisfied with the service. I am looking forward to my new life.’

Marius Adrian Vasile

‘ Hello, this is Marius from Romania. I had my surgery 2 days ago.  I am now very relaxed and feeling very good and feeling very happy to be here. I recommend this place to everyone with my whole hearth. You will feel like home. The doctors and other staff will make you feel like in heaven. Thank you for everything. ’

Lindsay, Malta

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