Since 2007, Optimed which is the pioneering quality service and innovations in health continue to be the address of trust and safety in health.

Optimed has been a healing gate for our people 4 million times so far with more than 200-bed capacity and with its operating rooms, delivery rooms, and intensive care services.

Our Patients have talked about the quality of the services of Optimed International Hospital as ‘more than satisfying’.

Optimed Hospital is the leading hospital in the region. We owe this success to effective process management.

Optimed carefully plans all processes for its international patients including transportation to the hospital, medical services, hospitalization as room service for breakfast, lunch and dinner both for the patients and patients’ accompanying person and transportation back to the airport.

Optimed’s International Patient Centre team of experts acts in collaboration with the patients and takes a close interest in every detail. Our medical team will assist our patients in the entire process.

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