Patients Rights Department

General Utilization of the Service:

Every patient has the right to benefit from health services within the framework of justice and equity principles. In addition to this right, patients have the right to recieve services regardless of to their race,language, religion and sect, gender, philosophical belief, economic and social conditions.

Right to Request Information

Patients have the right to be informed about all kinds of health services and opportunities and to request all kinds of information about their state of health verbally and in writing.

Confidentiality and Prohibition of Information

Information obtained due to the provision of health services cannot be disclosed in any way, except the situations that are recognized as permitted by law. Except for the cases required by the provisions of the relevant legislation and / or the measures to be taken by the competent authorities, the patients may request that their relatives or no one shell be informed about their health status. The patient can change his / her request not to provide information at any time and request information.

While receiving or after receiving service; The patients can examine the medical documents by themselves, their deputy or legal representative and take a copy upon their requests.

Ability to Choose and Change the Health Institution and Health Personnel

Patients have the right to choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the health services that are provided in the health institution of their choices.

Patients have the right to choose and change, learn the identities, duties and titles, the doctors and other health personnels who will be providing them health services.

Right to Request Priority Order Determination

Patient and Patient Relatives

In cases where the demand for healthcare service cannot be met on time due to insufficient or limited service facilities of the health institution, the patient has the right to request the priority right to be determined objectively based on medical criteria. Relevant legislation provisions are applied in determining the priority order.

Medical Care:

Our health workers have the dutie of giving the medical care that is required for patients’ situation. It is health workers’ dutie to help saving patients’ lives and to help reducing their suffering and rest even at the times that are not possible to protect patients’ lives.

Refusal, Suspension and Consent:

It has the right to refuse treatment, to request its suspension, to obtain its consent for medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

Prohibition of intervention except for diagnosis, treatment, care and medical requirements in accordance with medical requirements:

Patient have the right to be diagnosed, treated and asked for care in accordance with the requirements of modern medical knowledge and technology. Nothing that may cause death or life-threatening, violate body integrity or reduce mental and physical strength can be done or demanded without the purpose of diagnosis, treatment or protection.

Euthanasia Ban:

Euthanasia is prohibited. The right to life cannot be waived on medical grounds or in any way. Even if it is to save the life of the patient or someone else’s request, nobody’s life can be ended.


Patients and their relatives have the right to expect and demand to be safe in health institutions and organizations. The factors that may threaten patients and their relatives’ safety should be determined in advance and services and processes should be arranged for this purpose.

Patient Visits and Having a Companion:

Patients have the right to accept visitors within the framework of the procedures and principles determined by the health facilities and to have a companion if the physician deems appropriate within the limits of the legislation and the health facility.

Respect for human values, dignity and comfort:

Respect, care and attention, in a friendly, gentle, affectionate environment, all hygienic conditions and noisy and disturbing factors have the right to receive a health service.

Right for Ability to Fulfill Religious Duties:

Within the framework of the measures to obtain information about the health facility, epatients ha the right to fulfill their religious duties.

Application, Complaint, Right of Litigation and Suggestion of Opinion:

In case of violation of their rights, patients and their relatives have the right to use all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation, and their complaints should be received, examined and resolved in a timely and fair manner.

For your suggestions, appreciation and complaints:

Right to Privacy

It is essential to respect the patients’ privacy. Patients can explicitly request the protection of their privacy, and any medical intervention is performed while respecting the patients’ privacy.

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