Private Optimed Hospital Ear Nose Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Koray KIRBIYIK answered those who were curious about the (Rhinoplasty) nose surgery.


Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, who started to work in Private Optimed Hospital in recent months. Dr. Koray KIRBIYIK gave detailed information about the preoperative and postoperative processes regarding rhinoplasty.
How is the process of deciding on the ideal nose of the patient?
Our patients come to us with a request for surgery when they first come to us, but we first examine the patient and determine the problems. We describe the nose we will make according to the nose problem to the patient. We give information about how much we can shrink that nose if it has a very large nose and how much we can intervene if it has a very curved nose. Not only the nose, but also the asymmetries on the face, nose, lip, eyebrow and facial bone. We share information not only about a region on his face, but also about his face in total. Patients come with a certain expectation and the noses we make can completely change the face of the patient. However, since there are some regions on the face that we do not intervene, there are also points that remain the same and we talk about them as well. Because we have patients with very high expectations, for this reason, we inform patients with large nose deformities in advance. We meet on a common ground with the patient and agree to make the nose that best suits the patient’s face, and then decide on the surgery.
Which techniques are used during the surgery?
Rhinoplasty operations are performed in two ways; open and closed. We usually do it openly because we have patients with a lot of nose problems. There are bones and cartilages not only inside the nose but also outside, and we are trying to fix everything related to the nose. Since we want to make big changes in the nose, we prefer to use open technique. If there is not too much problem in the nose and there is a small bone protrusion, we use closed technique in patients where we will make slightly more minimal changes.
Is there any pain after the operation?
The pain threshold differs in every person. If we generalize in rhinoplasty surgeries, there is pain on the first day. The pain subsides in the next days. We can say that the rate of pain for our patients is 50% -50%, as it is related to the pain threshold. There are patients who say I have pain, and there are also patients who say I am very comfortable. This situation also changes depending on the operation we perform on the nose. Pain is more in patients with bad nose condition.
What are the physical effects of the surgery? Are there consequences such as falling nose tip, facial bruising and swelling?
Swelling and bruises occur at the first time we do the surgery. Although it is more prominent in some patients, it usually disappears within a period of 1 week – 10 days. Swelling and bruises change according to the operation performed on the nose. If it is a very large nose and we reduce it, bruises and swelling are more. In rhinoplasty surgeries, the complete fit of the nose covers a period of 6 months to 1 year. Sometimes, although very rare, we encounter processes that take up to two years. During this time, the patient can continue his daily activities. On the first day, the patient needs a companion in his daily work in order to recover and recover on the first night of his hospitalization due to anesthesia. On other days, he can perform his own physical activities. After the operation, we place plaster and tapes on the outside of the nose and there are tampons in the nose. We keep it for an average week and then take it. They just look physically, but continue their daily activities.
When does he return to his daily life after the stitches and tampons are removed?
After the stitches and tampons are removed in a week after the operation, we put a tape on especially big and big noses and it stays for a week. In other words, something happens outside of the nose during the two weeks after the surgery. At the end of these two weeks, he continues his daily life and becomes normal in terms of appearance.

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